Rex Information

A innovative software that helps teacher/professors and student to archive better results. This software has many functions and gathers all digitale tools in to one purpose, reduce the drop out percent.

  • You can record your session and post it in your subject.
  • You can go LIVE with everyone in your subject and available in archive after session has ended. When your LIVE the participants can write notes that wile be saved in “private” archive.
  • You can get access to workgroups in your subject, you can create as many workgroups you need for your subject.
  • You can get access to a question panel at all times in your subject.
  • A admin user and a teacher can create as many subject he/she/hen wants
  • You can get access to a webinar system that has one speaker and unlimited access of participants.
  • You can get access to archive panel that shows all your subjects and all your content. Here you can talk to teachers and students, ask questions at all times and add more notes and assigments to your subject.
  • The Question wall is called “snapmentor”


Snapmentor is our latest colabaration that have worked for two years to get the best communication tool between teachers and students. You can ask questions to teachers and students within all your subjects. The intension with this question wall is to help each other and get answers in the subject we struggle with.

Rex Information & Snapmentor

In May 2021 we started to look into each others companies and found synergies that mached perfectly. Already within the first week we got our first client. We are now working together to atchive the same gold, only together. Together we are stronger!

Our software is used in Universities, High Schools and private schools. Teachers and student’s like that remote student’s from any country can join them LIVE in the classroom, and are able to communicate with them in the same way they are communicating with the person sitting next to them.

The students love that we have made a product out from a student perspective. We have made everything from the scratch ourselves, even the streaming functionalities.

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