Yes, the main teacher in the subject can add as many teachers he/she/hen wants and can invite them to join them in a live session. Like a guest speaker or an assistant teacher.

Rex student is included in the school fee if you are in a public school. If you are in a private school it will cost 10$ pr month, some private schools includes this in the school fee.

Yes, our video calls functionality have pre-defined groups that can work together when ever they want. While attending a LiVE session, the teacher need to pause the LIVE session for you to get access to your break out room. When the teacher starts the LIVE session after a break you will turn back to "LIVE sessions mode"

A remote student is a student attending from home or another country. You can choose "remote" before you join a live session. The present student in the classroom is also login but as a "present" student. This means that the "remote" student can talk to a "present" student and a "present" teacher within the classroom.

Yes, you can use this for sign language purpose and sign language educational purpose. This program gives disabilities a chance to ask video questions & text questions during LIVE sessions and rehears on sign language together with other students.

You have to be login to access your digitale notes. Your digitale notes is in the "archive" You will have access to your digitale notes while in a "LIVE session" and they will be stored in your personal archive.

Yes, you can create a rex student account without being attached to any schools. You will then have access to digitale notes, video calls and chat.

Go to "submit form" and you will be contacted by support.

If you are missing one of your subjects in your feed, you need to notify your teacher in a personal chat message. Then the teacher will add you to the subject.

Go to "submit form" and you will be contacted by support.

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