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We have created everything our selves,

even the streaming functionalities we created

from scratch

Record sessions

Teachers can pre-record sessions and post them in the archive under “your subjects”

In the recording sections you have unlimited access to “test” and “retry” and when you are happy with the recording you can press “send to archive”

And it will end up in the archive of the subject you selected.

Stream LIVE sessions

Teachers can go live together with students and add assistent teacher to join.

Live sessions is full of features:

Saving “personal” notes automatically, other things you can save in your “LIVE” subject is questions you share with everyone, chat, assignments, links, stream from teacher and the shared screen is available in your personal archive.

If a teacher don’t have time to answer all the questions while LIVE, they can answer later on the archive communication wall.

Create workgroups

All the teachers in a subject can create pre-defined workgroups.

Create teachers groups and work groups for their students.

In this feature everyone can have video meeting and video workgroup meeting before or after a LIVE sessions, or in a midle of a live session teacher can send them to “breakout rooms”

Create Webinars

Webinars with us and get unlimited access to participants and save it for later.

This webinar is ment for a big audience

If you have more than 1000 participants this is perfect for you.

Get access to archive

Archive functionality save everything you want in your subject.

You can edit and add files , tasks and powerpoint presentation together with you sessions.

Edit or add notes from your earlier sessions

Here you can ask questions and get answers from teachers and students, within your subject.

You can chat with teachers and students

You can access video meeting with your group, teacher and follow student.

Select your subjects

Create your subject in “My Planner” and invite the teachers and students to join your subject.

Save time by using our solution with your LMS.

We can be integrated into a range of different LMS

We have made it easier for private tutors and small companies.

We have created our own small LMS for private tutors and small companies.

Save time and money on one lisens instead of multiple software for the same purpose.

Planning your next semester?

Get ready teachers and students for autumn semester now.

Rex Information
A innovative software that helps teacher/professors and student to archive better results. …
Remote student is equal to the present student
University in Kristiansand At the University in Kristiansand (UiA) we are providing …

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I like that I can engage with my students at anytime”

—Elisabeth, teacher

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I lik that I can use my computer for LIVE sessions and get the same response from the remote students ass well ass the present students in my class”

— Clare, teacher

Security and privacy in focus

 REX Information is designed with privacy first, and comply with GDPR and international security standards.

Security an privacy in focus

REX Information is designed with privacy first, and comply with GDPR and international security standards.

Quick overview GDPR

  • DPA available on request
  • All data is processes and stored in Europe
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

“I like a lot of the features, but I like the recording and the immediately posting in archive most”

Anne, teacher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I like that all my notes is automatic saved during a session”

— Lisa, student

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