Get access to archive

Archive functionalities

  1. You can edit and add files , tasks and powerpoint presentation together with you sessions.
  2. Edit or add digitale notes from your earlier sessions
  3. Here you can ask questions and get answers from teachers and students, within your subject.
  4. Chat with teachers and students
  5. Access video meeting with your group, teacher and follow student.

All your notes will be saved in your “private notes”


Archive functionality save everything you want in your subject.

Do you bother to write notes during sessions? If you do write notes, do you normal write on paper or in a different program?
That would mean your notes is separate from all other school content, correct?
We have created digitale notes that will be saved in your subject, parallell with your paperwork, live stream, questions and chat.
Everything is saved in one timeline!
This makes it easy for students to find their previous notes and read up on exams.
You can add more notes and files to your notes when ever you want.
This functionality is available for teachers and students.

Teachers can puplish pre recorded sessions or send the live stream (when finished) to the archive. Everything is subject related, so you need to access the correct subject to find it’s content. While students and teacher are working in “archive” with notes or questions you also have access to use the video-call functionality. To join a video-call you need to be registered in the subject. You have access to workgroups video-call and video-call between two people, click on the video-call icon to call one person or to call your group. All groups are pre defined by teachers, but students can call each other one by one.

Chat is open and available at all times in the archive.