Live sessions

Live sessions

Teachers can go live together with students from home, parallell with the students in the classroom!

Chat can be saved
Assignments can be saved
Personal notes is saved

Everything is saved in one timeline. Teachers can send prerecorded sessions and LIVE sessions to archive with one button.

Everything teachers want to share within their subject is easy to find in one timeline. For example a teacher can publish a pre record session in the archive, teachers and students within that subject can see and create personal notes and assignment in the same timeline. Each teacher and each student have their private timeline and can access public questions and chat as well.

Live sessions functionality have many features

  • Teachers can add assistent teacher to join the virtual classroom together with the present students in the classroom
  • Personal notes is automatically saved in archive
  • Your public questions can be saved in your subject

Live sessions is uniqe, students and teachers within the classroom can communicate with remote teachers and students. How is this possible? All students who are present are login and are using this program during LIVE sessions, and so is the remote student.

Why do present students have to login? To access the presentations and write digitale notes that will be saved. Many students find it easier to ask questions by typing the questions, even when their present in the classroom. And if you are joining a big class and are sitting in the back row, it is not always easy to se the blackboard or the teacher, so from experience the interaction within the classroom is better while students are login. The remote student have the same possibility to interact and join the present students. 

With this possibility online study don’t have to be passive anymore, a new way to to study online, “togetheronline”

Teachers can send files and notes direct to archive

Teachers can answer questions during live sessions and they will be saved in the archive. If a teacher don’t have time to answer all the questions while LIVE, they can answer later on the archive communication wall.