Personal trainer

Rex Teacher/student program is perfect for companies that works with education.

Teachers can Create their own subjects and invite teachers and students to join LIVE. If you have a classroom full of students everyone is login and can ask questions and do tasks and write notes. The teacher can invite remote students to join them in the classroom, from others countries or if they are at home. The remote students are then equal to the present student and can ask questions Live within the classroom.

If there are group task the remote students can join their group int he feature “video calls” to work on a project together.

Recording of the sessions is stored in your personal archive!

Everything is saved in ONE timeline!

This makes it easy for students to find their previous notes and read up on exams.
Students can add more notes and files to their personal archive when ever they want.
The same functionality are there for teachers, only they have to add it to the public archive.
Teachers can also pre record sessions and add them to the public archive, where the students can see all LIVE sessions and all pre recorded sessions.
You can read more about notes and archive when you click on “Archive”
All navigations and layouts are in English so it is easy to use.