Prerecorded sessions

Prerecorded sessions

Teachers can prerecord sessions and launch it directly to students in the public archive. In prerecording-section teachers have unlimited tries and can use shared screen functionality, if they want. Teachers can invite other teachers to join the sessions while it is recording, for example a guest tutor can join and give input in the subject.

In this prerecording mode you can not invite other students to join you, that’s the difference between prerecorded sessions and “LIVE sessions” You can read more about “LIVE session”


The results from a survey from all universities in Norway, tell us 80% of all students in higher education prefer to have pre-recorded sessions or have the opportunity to see the session in a archive.

The values in our software “Rex Teacher & Rex Student”

  • Teachers can pre record sessions and post them in the public archive in their specific subject.
  • Students have their own login and their own private archive.
  • Students can see all Pre-recordings and add digitale notes that will be saved together with the pre-recorded session.

Teachers need to add the students to the subject for them to access the pre-recordings, and the archive. If a student is login and have no subject assigned, you need to notify the teacher! You can easely notefy the teacher by sending him/her a message in a private chat within our software.

Everything a student and a teacher need for god communication is gathered in one software!

 Communication between teachers and students

Rex Communication tools

We have multiple communication tools within our software, so you don’t have to rely on other communication tools.

  • A student can chat directly with a teacher in a chat or in a video call.
  • A teacher can call and chat with other teachers
  • Work groups is available for everyone within a subject

  • If you have multiple subjects and want to call or chat directly to someone, you can contact them in our black-panel.
  • you need to agree on terms and conditions to be able to be contacted by everyone.

Terms and conditions

  1. If you don’t agree on the terms and conditions you have limited access to communications outside your subjects.
  2. All teachers and students need to agree on terms and conditions when they are joining LIVE within a classroom. GDPR terms and conditions.
  3. The GDPR terms and condition is also required If a teacher invite another teacher to join within the digitale classroom, during a pre recorded session.

Pre-recorded sessions for education